Baseus Rotation Type Universal Charger

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  • Main features:
  • Dual 2.4A (Amperage) USB port: Allows for a fast charging experience and is widely suitable for iPhone, Android and Type-C interface devices.
  • Broadband voltage design: 100V-240V is widely applicable to different countries and regions.
  • Secondary features:
  • Multiple plug design: Users can now enjoy having nine types of plugs in one design; this plug adheres to British- , US- , Australian- and EU regulation therefore, making it the ultimate travelling plug.
  • Rotary pins: The user can easily rotate the lower section of the plug to the required country mark and the plug will automatically adapt to the specific plug shape.
  • Portable design: The plug allows users to carry it around with ease as the pins do not protrude out of the plug, we have also designed it with a small body to provide more convenience and to allow easy storage.
  • Built-in smart chip: We have included a smart chip, which provides protection against overvoltage, high temperatures, short circuits, leakage and high current, ensuring a safe experience for our users.
  • Durable materials: The robust grade of ABS plastic and PC (polycarbonate) material is used to make the plug more durable and impact resistant.

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