Baseus Wireless Charger Gravity Car Mount

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    At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive designs are all aspects which we pride ourselves with.
    Full product name:
    Baseus - Wireless Charger Gravity Car Mount 
    - Suitable for: Mobile phones between 4.0 - 6.5 inches.
    - Fixed position: Air conditioning outlet
    - Output Amperage: 2A (9V/1.67A & 5V/2A)
    - Output wattage: 10W
    - Connector type: Micro USB
    - Cable type: USB Type-A to Micro USB
    - Cable length: 1 meter
    - Material: Aluminium & ABS
    Main features:
    - Gravity clamping mechanism: We have designed a reliable gravity mechanism that allows users to place their smartphone in the mount holder resulting in an internal mechanism which will close both sides braces gaining a strong and firm grip of the smartphone, this reliable mechanism will avoid the phone from ever unintentionally falling out the holder and enables users to conveniently operate the mount with only one hand.
    - Built-in copper conductor: We have used a high-grade wireless induction charging copper coil which ensures that there are never any charging disruptions even when the user is driving on a curvy and bumpy road.
    - Smart chip: We have developed a unique integrated circuit chip that can differentiate between ordinary devices and fast charging devices and is subsequently able to adapt the current, this integrated circuit chip provides the smartphone with over-voltage protection, overcharging protection, overcurrent protection, electromagnetic fields protection, over-discharge protection and short-circuit protection 
    - Stainless steel gearing: We have designed a high-grade stainless-steel gearing system into the mount holder as to ensure a stable and reliable control of the mechanical retraction system, we have engineered a high strength spring-loaded mechanism that ensures that once the smartphone is removed from the mount holder that both side braces will open outwards.
    - Silicone pad protection: The three aluminum braces of the car mount holder have been designed with high-grade silicone padding preventing the smartphone from ever getting scratched, the unique silicone grade we have used is very high in friction, ensuring that the smartphone remains perfectly gripped and secured by the mount holder, without any chance of having the smartphone unintentionally fall or slip out of the mount holder.
    - Silicone clip & lock: We have used high-grade, high-friction silicone to create the air-conditioning vent clip as to prevent the mount holder from damaging the vehicle’s air conditioning vent area, we have also designed a unique spring-loaded clip lock system that ensures that the mount holder cannot be removed without firstly pressing on the spring-loaded release locking button.
    - Designed to work with cases: We have designed this holder to function perfectly with protective.
    - One-handed operation: We have designed this product for single-handed operation, the user can subsequently easily install and remove the smartphone from the mount holder with just one hand.
    - Aluminium usage: We have used high-grade, CNC milled aluminum to create all three braces, we have put the aluminum through an anodizing process that creates a smooth, elegant and refined surface, such an alloy is incredibly durable and is designed to withstand long term user abuse, we have also used lightweight and durable ABS to create the outer shell and air-conditioning vent clip of the holder mount.
    - Reserved charging port: We have designed the bottom aluminum brace with a dedicated opening for wired charging, enabling users that are in a rush to use a cable to charge the smartphone while it is placed in the holder mount (this is a convenient design feature as all wireless induction charging technology charges slower than traditional wired charging). 
    - LED power indicator: We have added an LED power indicator on the left-hand side of the holder mount, informing the user when there is power going through the mount holder. 
    Included products:
    - 1 meter long USB Type-A to Micro USB charging cable.
    Please note:
    - Wireless charging technology charges smartphones slower than wired charging (with a cable). 
    - The wireless car charging holder only functions with smartphones that support wireless charging as well as smartphones that have wireless charging receivers, the smartphone must be within 4” to 6.5” inches in size. 
    - If your device does not have a built-in wireless charging capability you can use our Baseus range of Microfiber Wireless Charging Receivers for Apple Lightning, USB Type-C, and Micro USB devices. 
    - All wireless chargers generate heat resulting in smartphones becoming slightly warm, however, if your device has the capability to charge wirelessly then such heat has been taken into consideration in the smartphone’s design.
    - All of our products have gone through rigorous quality control processes designed to make sure that our customers receive a product that can be relied on.
    - This product packaging has been placed in a sealed plastic bag ensuring that our customers receive a clean and dust-free un-boxing experience.
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