RL021 U-Groove Multi Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

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  • 1.High-precision silent button, uniform force, type comfortable and silent, chocolate keycap and Independent numeric keypad, perfect fit for user's habit of using the number keys, greatly improving the efficiency of digital input,touchpad switch button help you avoid the wrong touch
  • 2.Slot design: TPE soft material with the most comfortable point of view, center of gravity adjustment, while plug in the pad or smart phone will stay in good balance.
  • 3.Built in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery; Automatic sleep feature maximize power usage (Enter sleep mode after stop using over 10 minutes
  • 4.With a full-featured touchpad, user-friendly design, can make your own speed of the touchpad pointer mobile phone, tablet, computer (IOS system cant use the touchpad), free operation experience
  • 5.Double channel design: one key switch to different devices Bluetooth 3.0 program. Transmission stability, the effective range of 10 meters , touch the switch can be turned on and off t, fast response without delay, good compatible with Android IOS and Windows system

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