360 Rotating Crystal Cosmetic Organiser

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3D Acrylic 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer,no unusable angle. It takes use of the design of 360 Degree rotating, make the using of it very convenient, You can find your cosmetics easily just a rotating.

6 Adjustable layers: Allow you to adjust the height of the tray to accommodate different types of cosmetics and containers in all shapes and sizes.

The Skin Care Storage with unexpected big capacity, top compartment good for nail clippers, nail polishes, essential oilsand.cosmetics. Bottom: body sprays, skincare bottles, perfume bottle exc.

3D Acrylic,environment friendly and clean no odor,can be washed,crystal-clear and shiny, a combination of beauty and practical.

Can be removable and easy to carry.The design is novel and lighter, The Acrylic Cosmetics Storage can bear the The biggest strength using the The smallest area.

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