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SLR LENS TACHOGRAPH with two cameras, current recording at the back and front 
Full HD 1920 x 1080/30 fps Display Screen Size 4.0 "IPS VIEWING ANGLE Wide-angle 170 degree Support.
The camera's optical system uses a wide angle (170 °) SLR LENS lens 
Thanks to the optical sensor used, the device records the highest quality material. 
Advanced parking mode 

  • Micro SD card reader that supports cards up to 256 GB
  • Maximum size of 5 Mpix images. 
  • The device has a very sensitive microphone enabling recording of sound. 
  • After switching on the ignition in the car, the device automatically starts and starts recording. 
  • Durable and resistant housing. 
  • Advanced G-Sensor. 
  • Included in the set is an ergonomic handle that provides maximum grip. 
  • Night mode allows you to record images even in low light. 
  • Proof in case of accidents and collisions. 
  • Multifunctional: voice recorder, camera and camera. 
  • The reversing camera included. 
  • Wide angle and reliable handle

The durable and resistant casing made of steel will make the Navitel R800 Full HD diversify the interior of every car. Included in the set is an ergonomic handle that provides maximum grip, even when performing sudden and unexpected maneuvers. 

The wide angle of the camera ensures visibility in the 170 ° field. Thanks to this, besides the road in front of the car, there will also be a fragment of the roadside on the recording. The device has been equipped with a 4-inch clear display. 

SLR CAMERA records an image in Full HD 1920 x 1080p / 30 fps. The picture is coded in H.264 image compression technology. This technology ensures the best recording and playback parameters with small file sizes. 

Parking mode and G-Sensor

G-sensor is a gravity sensor, it is used to detect a sudden collision or braking. In this situation, the recorder automatically starts recording and protects the material during an accident. 

has an automatic recording start function after starting the engine. The advanced technology used allows for efficient operation even with less lighting in night mode. Advanced parking mode detects movement around the car while the driver is away. This allows you to document any parking damage so that the driver will be able to prove any damage to the vehicle. 

A modern lens with a bright iris will allow recording a film in low light which will be characterized by good quality and clarity of details.

The device additionally has a very sensitive microphone, allowing the recording of sound in the highest quality. 

it supports micro SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 256 GB, which will allow you to record Full HD movies for hours. 

reversing camera has LEDs so even at night the visibility is brilliant 

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Product Dimension: 20x11x7cm 

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