Copper Fit-Long Socks

Colour: Sky blue
R 49
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Get your legs tightened up with Copper Fit -Long it's so simple to stay in shape with Copper Fit this is designed to tighten u your legs leaving them feeling refreshed the next morning.

  • Designed to fit snuggly
  • Refreshing without overheating ( toe cut)
  • No stiffness afterwards (broad elasticity)
  • Soft, snug design (woven with soft pile)

Beautiful leg lift structure

  • Graduated compression design developed in Europe for leg care because it is designed so that the pressure diminishes from the ankle upwards your legs will feel refreshingly lighter and look thinner and more beautiful.
  • Designed for use when sleeping  

Easy to use

  • Insert your toes all the way to the end
  • Pull up to your ankle and adjust the position properly to your heel
  • Place both thumbs on the inside and slowly pull up


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