1.8m HDMI to HDMI A/V Cable

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1.8m HDMI to HDMI A/V Cable

This HDMI cable delivers excellent value and performance for your high-definition home entertainment system.

The HDMI cable incorporates an automatic video/ audio synching capability that allows devices to perform this synchronization automatically with total accuracy.


  • High-definition multimedia interface
  • Length: 1.8m
  • High speed of 1080P
  • The cable is compatible with Video Player, Gaming Console, TV, Notebook, Computer, Projector, Laptop.


1 Do not expose the HDMI to extreme conditions, including direct sunlight or excessive heat or humidity

2 Keep your HDMI away from liquids.

3 It is necessary to use a dry cloth to clean the affected area, not the chemicals.

4 Do not modify alter or tamper with this device as this voids the warranty and can be dangerous.

Package Dimensions

  • 13cm * 27cm * 5cm

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