Xglide Speed Double Sided Paint Roller

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Descriptions :
The speed painter has two different paint rollers attached to it, which will enable you to do a variety of painting tasks quickly.
You can use it to paint entire walls, fix up damaged or dull areas, and paint or repaint furniture.
This device has super-absorbent fibers that will lock the paint into the rollers so it won't come off until the rollers have touched a surface.
Therefore, you won't experience the same dripping and spattering that you likely would with other paint rollers.
That means you won't need to tape up areas that you don't want covered in paint, and you won't have to switch to a smaller brush to complete certain areas.

Specifications :
Item type : Xglide Speed Painter
Material : Microfiber
Color : As shown
Suitable for : Home, Spraying Spindles, Pipes, Tubing, Balustrades, Fences and etc.
Size : 6.5 x 8.5 x 43.5 cm / 2.56'' x 3.35'' x 17.13''
Weight : about 320g (1 Brush + 2 pair of painting sponge)

Package Includes :
1 x Xglide Speed Painter
2 pair of painting sponge

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