InstaSleep Contoured Cassia Magnet Pillow Set of 2 White Mesh

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InstaSleep Contoured Cassia Magnet Pillow.

The countoured design provides the optimal anatomical position of the head and neck.

Magnetic applicators that are part of the pillow, have a pinpoint effect on the body and provide micromassage of the neck and head.

The Cassia Pillow is filled with a light layer of Cassia seeds that are encased in a supportive contoured quilted casing.

Cassia seeds have many therapeutic properties and are known to improve eyesight, relax and calm nerves, decrease blood pressure, improve circulation and assists in weight loss. In addition to these benefits, the seeds gently massage the head while sleeping.

The InstaSleep Cassia Magnet Pillow is cool in summer and warm in winter. The unique ergonomic design encourages air flow, neck support and correct the sleeping posture. A great firm pillow.

The cover of the product is made of natural cotton, and the terrylic mesh contributes to additional ventilation and moisture removal.

  • Size: 45 x 70cm
  • Set of 2 Pillows
  • Zip closure to encase filling
  • Down alternative filling
  • 1000g

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