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When life gives you lemons - make a salad! This lemon juicer will help you pour love and freshness into every dish, so you could watch it grow into a beautiful meal. If that's not enough, the lid can be flipped, helping you save storage space.

Product Features
  • Lemoniere provides a fun and fast way to juice lemons or any citrus fruit. This bright green hand-held squeezer is shaped like a watering can complete with a spout and measures
  • Made of durable, food-grade ABS plastic. Lemoniere can hold 8 ounces of juice. The sharply pointed lid with drain holes can be detached and flipped for minimal storage. Easy to clean by hand and is dishwasher safe
  • Place a half of a lemon, orange, grapefruit or any other citrus fruit down on the point of the lid and twist and turn downward, extracting all the juice out; now pour and enjoy delicious freshly-squeezed juice as it flows through the watering can’s spout. Perfect for lemonade, cooking, pouring over salad and impressing your guests
  • Surprise your family and friends with this unique and cute lemon juicer. Ideal for gardening enthusiasts, foodies and anyone who loves creative, fun and useful kitchen utensils

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