Sink Tidy Set

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This practical design helps keep your sink area beautifully organised and mess free.

The base has a vertical support from which the Edge brush can be neatly hung and a sponge-draining compartment for a wet sponge or scourer.

A concealed reservoir beneath the unit collects any excess water and soapsuds ready for disposal.

The unit has non-slip feet and can be dismantled for easy cleaning.


  • Sink tidy set.
  • Stores nearly next to the sink.
  • Sponge-draining compartment.
  • Edge brush features non-stratch bristles and a pan scraper.
  • Edge brush can also rest on the side of the sink and drain into it.
  • Dish brush with integrated sink rest
  • Non-scratch, curved brush head with integrated pan scraper
  • Excess water drains directly into sink
  • Non-slip resting point grips sink edge
  • Innovative space-saving design

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