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Quickly & Easily Organise All of the Cabinets in Your Home. No More Messes!

Aptly named the Spicy Shelf, the spice rack organizer uses a modular design that requires no tools to assemble it and will be able to fit into any cabinet space by expanding or contracting the shelves. It comes with two levels, which you can place on top of each other, or side-by-side, depending on the shape and space allowed in your cabinet. You can even purchase and stack extra Spicy Shelf racks on top of each other depending on how many things you need to organize.

Not only great for spices, the Spicy Shelf organizer also works great for organizing your make-up, nail polish, crafts, medicine cabinets, vitamins, pantry items, garage items, or really anything! Any smaller items that need organizing, the Spicy Shelf is here to fix the mess and cure that OCD

You can stack the Spicy Shelves as tall or as short as you need, which allows you to not waste any space above your items, and allows you to store more items in a more organized fashion. The Spicy shelves also contract and expand to fit any width of cabinet.

Product Features:
  • Multi-functional to hold spices, medicines, supplements, cosmetics, or crafts. (Holds up to 64 spices.)
  • Adjustable - Easily Expands and contracts - to Fit Any Size Cabinet
  • Maximise space and become more organised
  • Ideal for keeping your kitchen or bathroom organized and neat
  • Free-standing legs included
  • Stackable
  • Acrylic construction
  • Holds up to 20 kg worth of supplies.
  • Assembled Height: 19cm
  • Assembled Width: 43cm
  •  Assembled Length: 25cm

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