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【 why use this light selfie 】
1. Used in the night and the dark area, offset the default that the front camera without flash
2. The beauty and the function of us-pupila EE. USA.
3. Element Smart and lightweight, easy to carry for outdoor activities
【 FEATURES ★ The material 】
Selfie in any time: you can overcome the shortcoming of the darkness selfie, selfie in any time to record each wonderful moment, such as KTV, Night Street, disco, online video, concert, etc.
Function of beauty: Colour temperature 4200 K-4800 K, better condition to improve facial lines and show the face more charming.
Function us-pupil: Choose the proper angles for brighter eyes
Portable and lightweight design: Plastic body with a charging cable and a small bag, which can take photos and charge at any time.
Double protection: 1. bag of velvet to protect the light of selfie. 2. Plastic material to prevent scratching your Phone.
capatity battary Large: 90 mAh, 2 hours of continuous work time.
Short charging time: 0.5 hour
Charging: charging the light blinks when light turns on, press the power button to turn it off.
Protection: Auto power off when fully charged.
Brightness adjustable: 3 types of brightness for certain situation
【 Compatible with any device 】
The light of the ring of the selfie can suitable for iPhone, HTC, Samsung and other smart phones
Also can be used on iPad, Tablet PC and laptops or anywhere you can imagine
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