Baseus Cable For Apple Lightning WHITE

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Main features:

1 Meter cable length cable.

2A (Amperage): Allows a fast charging speed.

USB 2.0 Speed: 480 Mbps (Megabits Per Second) allows for a fast and respectable data transfer speed.

Apple Lightning connector.

Secondary Features:

Hard ABS connector shell: We have used a durable plastic to protect the USB Type-A and the Apple Lightning connectors, we have chosen to use this material as it has allowed us to keep the overall manufacturing cost of the cable low and therefore permit us to sell it at a lower price.

Smooth and durable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) rubber: We have used this single material throughout the whole exterior length of the cable, this material has allowed us to keep the cost of production low while providing the necessary protection against wear and tear.

Strong TPU self-regulating joint: The resilient grade of TPU rubber, which safeguards that the self-regulating joint point (where the TPU rubber cable exterior meets the ABS material connector shell) cannot be easily damaged, this is the most common area where cables tend to fail, hence, why we have gone through a lot of effort in performing thousands of plug and tensile tests to ensure durability.

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