For questions regarding order status and other after-sales support, contact or call on 084 726 6085

I have not yet received my order What should I do?

  • your purchase may have been received by a family member, a colleague, a friend, or a neighbour (oops!). 
    Please ask them.
  • your purchase may have been left at reception or at a security gate. 
    Please check.

I added something to my basket and now it's sold out.

  • We move large volumes of sales in a very short space of time. We can only reserve your purchase once you get to the payment screen.

I want to return a product or get a refund.

  • Please read our returns policy  before contacting us about a return or refund.

Calling Our Courier Services
If your parcel has already been dispatched, it's best to contact the courier directly: 
They will need the parcel's tracking number, which you can find on your account page under purchases.
To phone the courier company please use the following number : 0800 003 465.