KW818 Car Service Diagnostic Scanner

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1. Works with all post-1996 vehicles-domestic and imported, 12v petrol vehicle, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks and so on. exclusive o2 sensor test, the evap test of fuel tank system and onboard monitoring make you full control of vehicle running status.

2. Supports Read and Erase DTC(emission-related trouble codes); Turn-off Check Engine Light, Reset Monitors; I/M Readiness Monitoring; Graphical and Numeric Live Data Stream.

3. Fully supports record and review data stream, DTCs, freeze frame, and prints out the reports via USB. Vehicle engine code readers with 4 easy-to-use navigation button.

  1. Anti-shock and slip designed OBD2 code scanner for cars. LED indicators display the trouble codes status and allow you to diagnose vehicles faster and more convenient to operate.

5. Supports over-voltage protection, real-time battery monitoring and it will check battery status before driving or diagnostics. Unique dust-resistant surface, give you a more comfortable hand feeling, more durable and stronger.


Screen: 2.8 inch LCD

Upgrade method: Network

Working temperature: -20°C~+70°C

One-click read I/M does not

Menu Help: Yes

Operating voltage: 7-16V


DTC query: Yes

Playback: Yes

Language: 6 languages

Print: Support

OBD Help: Yes

Data Flow Help: Yes

Battery Test: Yes

Unit modification: Support

Reading code: Support

Clear code: Support

I/M Status Read: Support

Data flow: Yes


Package includes:

1 x KW818 OBD2 Scanner Tool

1 x OBD2 Cable

1 x USB Cable

1 x Storage Bag

1 x Gift Box

1 x User Manual 

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