K2 Double Snorkel Mask

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Planning to go diving or do you love to dive? Check out our HJKB-Diving Mask it's a one-way circulation breathing separation snorkeling mask

  • 180° Wonderful sea view: You will see views more beautiful than ever the well designed and improved version HJKB mirror will give you distortion-free visibility and maximum field of view
  • Respiratory System: Recirculating breathing snorkeling mask mechanically isolates exhalation and inhalation with inhalation achieved through the double breathing tube.
  • Circulating Natural Breathing: The snorkeling mask allows you to breathe through the nose or mouth in the water enabling you to have smooth breathing 
  • Anti-Fog Technology: This product has adopted advanced film technology so you can have a better experience  in the undersea
  • Leak Proof: The silicone pad provides a comfortable waterproof seal 
  • For Those Who Love Backstroke: We have also designed this back backstroke feature for swimming lovers allowing you to switch between different backstroke poses and watch different scenes anytime anywhere
  • Adjustable: The advanced adjustable double elastic comfort belt system guarantees you the best fit and comfort while enjoying hours of snorkeling

Product Dimension:28x28x13cm

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