Wired Headphones Professional Stereo Gaming Headphones Headset For X box 360

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R 149 R 399

    The lightweight, over-the-head design enables comfortable use
    Boom microphone can be adjusted for optimal sound quality

    Noise-canceling microphone improves game response to voice commands and provides crisp and clear voice communication
    Exactly same headphone controls as the Xbox 360 official headphones, volume increase and decrease, on the same wheel style, mute and loudspeaker is also included on the headphones just above the volume controls, no more hunting up and down the cable for the mute button.

    Boom style microphone to reduce people hearing breath and wind, but instead, hear your voice, a great alternative for clan players as communication is everything. The microphone is also on a moldable cable to assist the gamer in getting the mic in exactly the correct position to achieve the best gameplay with much fewer breaks to adjust the mic.

    Padded over-ear cushions, to assist in comfort and noise reduction, there is nothing worse than gaming, trying to hear footsteps in call of duty or battlefield, when suddenly noises from around the home drown out your game, this very simple addition could be the thing that makes you win or lose.

    The Xbox 360 Headset heightens the experience of the unprecedented online gaming community, Xbox Live, allowing you to strategize with teammates, trash-talk opponents or just chat with friends while playing your favorite games. You can record and leave short voice messages for friends or family through the free Xbox Live Message Service or connect with buddies online using the headset in place of the phone.

    • Weight: 140g
    • Color: Black, White
    • Size: 185mm * 155mm * 80mm
    • Package Weight: 0.16kg
    • Package Size: 19cm x 16cm x 19cm

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